We do declarations for Basel Stadt, Basel Land, Solothurn, Aargau and Zurich. We are specialised on international clients and/or expatriates. On this page you can find the help you need with our documents so as to make the tax declaration easier for both parties.


We recommend you first read our guidelines as an introduction. The Guideline „Assets and Earnings“ is a help for what is to be declared. The Guideline „Deductions“ shows what is possible to deduct.

Guideline deductions
Guideline declaration earnings and assets


The Checklists will help you to provide all the details we need and prevent us from having to make many requests. This will help to keep the costs low.

Checklist kids
Checklist alimony
Checklist support person
Checklist child care BS
Checklist investment for tradings
Checklist work expenses


You can print out these overviews and fill out all the information. We will use this information for your declarations but will still need the associated documents, as the tax office always needs proof.

Alimony, matienance or support
Debt & Debtinterests overview
Foregin accounts
Investments in foreign country
Investments in Switzerland without withholding tax
Investments in Switzerland without withholding tax
Swiss accounts with withholding tax
Swiss accounts without withholding tax