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The von Ehrenberg AG was founded in 1976 in the old city of Basel-Stadt and offers support with Swiss tax declarations (especially B-Permits), financial planning, investment strategies, financing of properties and support with mailings in German. Thanks to our huge network, we can help you to get other services as well or to get into contact with other companies.

Our Services

We offer taxes, financial planning, investment strategies and more. We will help you stay flexible and financially independent. We can also help you reduce financial risks. Through experience, we know that short term savings of taxes etc may actually not be a long term saving.


If you have a question to a specific subject, you can browse our FAQ. Maybe you can find your answer there.

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We are fastest in replying to emails, so feel free to write to us. If we do not reply in two working days, you are welcome to call us. You can also get in touch through our contact form.