Services / Property

Buying a property

If the property is bought in Switzerland, we can give support and check in advance with you about changes.


We can inform you, how you can finance the property and also inform you in advance about further taxes. E.g. you can cash out a pillar or pledge the pillar.

Pay back mortgages

There are several possibilities in which you can pay back a mortgage, direct or indirect. Either way can have a different tax and also can have an impact on the liquidity.

Changes in the tax declaration

Consider that the property is to be declared and you can deduct the mortgage, interests and maintenance voluntarily.

Renovation / maintenance

Not all maintenance is deductible from the taxable earning. Some of them don’t have an immediate impact on your taxes, but could have an impact in several years.


We recommend you insure the property because this is a big investment and without the insurance you can lose this investment.


We charge per hour but it can be that there is cash back from a bank or insurance as a finders fee.