Services / Tax
We do declarations both Basel Stadt, Basel Land, Solothurn Aargau and Zürich. We are specialized on international clients and/or expatriates. It doesn’t matter if you just stay some years or also during the retirement in Switzerland, von Ehrenberg AG is specialized on both scenarios and we can guide you, optimize your taxes and keep you flexible if your are going to changes your plans.
If you have finical or personal changes we recommend to check details in the current year or announce projects years in advance to optimize the taxes. The more time we have he higher can be the savings.
There are a lot of possibilities to save taxes and a lot of different products. Even you can save with the most of the products immediately taxes it is not guaranteed that you save taxes over years. If you get an offer for a tax saving products, you can ask us anytime to get a 3rd opinion. To prevent problems in the future.


If you fill in your details below, we are going to forward you our guidelines, which shows what you have to declare and what is deductible. Be informed that those guidelines are a standard form and does not have to concern your personal situation. Von Ehrenberg AG accepts no responsibility for any contents.